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Welcome to Electrical Works, where trust meets excellence in every wire. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, quality, and an unmatched unified approach, we’re your dependable partner for all electrical projects. Discover why our loyal clients trust us to deliver on every promise, every time.

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Your Chosen Industry Partner, with 25+ Years of Experience

With decades of experience and an industry-pioneering team of dedicated experts, Electrical Works stands out as the company you can rely on for quality performance and professionalism. With over 25 years of proven expertise, our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation ensures your projects are powered to success on time and within budget.

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What Defines Electrical Works

Electrical Works goes above and beyond in delivering exceptional electrical solutions that surpass our clients’ expectations.  We’re committed to providing top-quality services with integrity, professionalism, and innovation, ensuring safety, reliability, and satisfaction in every project we undertake.  As your trusted partner for all your electrical solutions, we contribute positively to our communities while upholding the highest standards of excellence in our industry.


Learn How we Deliver Excellence

At Electrical Works, we’re driven by passion and excellence, setting high standards and unmatched performance. Our unwavering commitment to our team and partners earns us national recognition as the industry leader, making us your top choice for electrical solutions.

Estimation & Management

We conduct in-house rough designs for every project, facilitating accurate take-offs for precise estimates and effective management.

Design, Sourcing & Purchasing

Following contract signing, we finalize comprehensive designs, initiate utility contact, permit submissions, and source and procure all necessary materials promptly.


Ahead of mobilization, we call in any locates required for the project and prepare equipment. Our commitment ensures continuous presence unless unforeseen customer or on-site trade delays occur.

Servicing & Maintenance

After completing the project, we offer maintenance services within our service area, including 24-hour emergency support.

Meet our Leaders

Joe Ciceri


“Do the job right the first time.”

Tenacious and hard-wired-to-work, Joe Ciceri is a well-grounded, shining example of a successful businessman and proud family man. Having diligently worked in the electric industry for 29 years, the lifelong Lake County resident has curated an inspirational, rewarding, and fun career.

“I worked seven days a week for many years when I first started,” says Joe, a 1992 graduate of Leesburg High School. “In addition, I spent many nights and holidays providing 24 hour emergency electrical services to my customers.

With a driving ambition and passion for always improving, Joe dreamed of one day launching his own electrical company and building a fair, honest, and professional business that always prioritizes the customer’s needs over its own. This, alongside an unshakable work ethic, led him to form Electrical Works in 2008, the industry leader in designing, building, and rewiring electrical systems for RV and mobile home parks for over 25 years.

When Joe isn’t busy working hard, he and his wife, Sabrina, spend quality time with their six children and four grandchildren.

Tristan Ciceri


A third-generation Master Electrician.

“As a kid, I would accompany Joe on jobs whenever the opportunity arose. I not only learned the electrical trade but also work ethic and integrity.”

Starting from the ground up—digging ditches and washing trucks—Tristan’s rise to Vice President of Electrical Works is a testament to sheer hard work and determination. His passion and drive led him to take challenging exams in multiple states, earning him the title of a licensed Master Electrician in 16 states.

As a man who prefers actions over words, Tristan’s work ethic and principles do the talking—fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence as Electrical Works continues to grow globally.

When he’s not ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail at work, Tristan is a devoted, happily married family man and a proud father of two. Grounded in Christian values, he’s committed to setting a good example for his children, instilling strong principles to carry them forward in their lives.

Meet Some of our Exceptional Team

Dana Ostrom


“Having worked at Electrical Works for 4.5 yrs, I can say it’s a great place to work where the team becomes your friends and Family. I oversee and organize Joe’s schedule, coordinating all appointments and facilitating contracts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What makes Electrical Works stand out is their excellence and the way they do things. The way they keep their facilities, vehicles, equipment, and especially the way they treat their customers. Electrical work always puts people over profits with a code of conduct led by the moral compass of always ‘doing the right thing.’ I feel very proud to work here.”

Troy Neil

Team Operator

“I’ve worked at Electrical Works for ten months. As my job involves staying on the road, the people I work with I live with, and therefore they become like family after a while. The main difference between this and my last job is that I don’t get to go home every night.

The management team is young and creative with great direction and support from upper management and long-standing staff who offer valuable guidance. My favorite part about working with EW is the people I work with, who always make being on the equipment as an operator fun.

At Electrical Works, you always learn something new to improve your skill set and experience.”

Robert Morrow

Lead in Site Development

“What I enjoy most is the diversity of what we do. Every job is different, which helps with my learning experience.

At Electrical Works, there is plenty of opportunity for growth, nurture, and promotion. Everyone here is close, like a family, and the owners take great care of all their employees.”

Aaron Fenbers

Superintendent of the Site Development Division

“I’ve proudly worked at Electrical Works for six years and started in April 2017. I manage multiple large-scale projects, rewiring RV parks in South West and Central Florida. There is so much support and room for growth at Electrical Works. It’s like one big family where we all work together to make the business successful.”


Making a Difference in our Community

At Electrical Works, community engagement and employee wellbeing are at the heart of what we do. We invest in the future, illuminating the way through apprenticeship programs, comprehensive benefits, a supportive workplace culture, and community sponsorships.

Investing in the future

We proudly support apprenticeship programs and sponsor local high schools and the Construction Academy.

Giving back to our Community

Our Community involvement extends to supporting local law enforcement, the Boys and Girls Club, and our neighborhood church.

Giving our employees more

We believe in empowering our employees with  renewed investment, Apprenticeship Programs, and Benefits Packages within an environment where skills and people can grow.


Our Standards & Certifications

State-licensed Master Electricians

Electrical Works prides itself on the expertise of our three State-licensed Master Electricians, who lead our workforce with precision and skill to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. 

Safety is Paramount

At Electrical Works, safety is paramount. With a diligent Safety Coordinator at the helm ensuring compliance, coupled with numerous employees holding OSHA 30 Certifications, we prioritize the wellbeing of our team above all else. Our unwavering commitment is to safeguard every member of our workforce so they return home safely to their families every night.

Dedicated CDL Drivers

Electric Works ensures safety extends to transporting our heavy equipment, materials, and supplies to the job sites. Our dedicated CDL drivers, who operate our Freightliner Semi truck and lowboy trailers, guarantee safe delivery, reinforcing our commitment to safety on the road and our dedication to protecting our team and the communities we serve.


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Electrical Works is a partner you can trust! Our unshakable work ethic isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s about exceeding expectations and delivering an exceptional experience. Integrity, value, and quality are non-negotiable. We do what’s right, even if it costs us. So, if you want the best, trust the team that delivers on every promise, every time. Trust us.


The next step of your career.

At Electrical Works, we believe in empowering our employees with  renewed investment in training and equipment within an environment where skills and people can grow.  Our supportive team culture built on honesty, respect, and a strong work ethic offers the unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to excellence.  If you’ve got the spark, Join us, and let’s create a brighter future together.